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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
The Seven-Step Process was developed by Dr. Deryl G. Hunt. GOMA, an acronym where G stands for goal, O for objective, M for method, and A for attitude, is united with ABCD, attitude, behavior; communication and discipline to demonstrate the praxis of character development and community building. In this concept, GOMA represents theory and the ABCD’s represent the practical application of the theory. Attitude, embodies both theory and practice and serves as the pivotal point at which individuals, organizations, and communities are encouraged to make “a right turn;” to move beyond the rhetoric or theory of community building to actually demonstrate specific core values of integrity, accountability and openness, trust, honor, and respect in the practices in the workplace environonment, as well as in personal lives of individuals. The Seven-Step Process, is useful in transforming communities and organizations into entities that are inclusive in their outlook and application
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