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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
School After School
General Information about the School after School Initiative
The following presents a service package offered by ICB Productions, Inc. for assisting school and community-based education service providers with developing a sound program structure, which rests on an inclusive community building foundation. The proposal briefly introduces ICB Productions and its staple education initiative, known as the School After School (SAS) Program. This introduction is followed by the proposed framework, which comprises the School After School Program, including: a) the specific program design, b) the character and economic development curriculum, c) mentorship and instructional support, and d) the program evaluation.

ICB has designed an initiative aimed at reaching the most impressionable and malleable members of the community-its youngsters.  ICB proposes the establishment of a SAS program focused upon immersing students in a culture that fosters character development and that teaches them the fundamentals of economic development via entrepreneurship.  This program is not intended as a replacement for traditional schooling. Instead it is intended to provide a framework for understanding, reprocessing, and evaluating events and materials experienced in and outside regular school setting.  Finally, this program is not to be limited to a single location, but is intended to be established globally.