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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
ICB Productions, Inc. is a South Florida management and consultation corporation that promotes character and economic development through education, training, and civic engagement. The letters ICB stand for Inclusive Community Building. ICB productions, Inc. transforms communities by employing the inclusive community building approach to community building in both philosophy and application. The ICB approach is articulated by and demonstrated through the application of The Ellison Model (TEM), a conceptual framework with a primary focus on establishing and building relationships that accentuate teamwork. The core values fostered by The Ellison Model are loving, caring, sharing, trust, honor and respect. ICB Productions uses these values to expand social and economic advancement of communities. The ICB Productions philosophy is immersed in the ideals of mentoring, cultural sensitivity and inclusion, and these concepts characterize all aspects of the organization and its programs and activities.

Along with TEM, ICB Productions utilizes a unique tool created Dr. Deryl G. Hunt referred to as the Seven Step Process. GOMA, an acronym where G stands for goal, O for objective, M for method, and A for attitude, is united with ABCD, attitude, behavior; communication and discipline to demonstrate the praxis of character development and community building. In this concept, GOMA represents theory and the ABCD's represent the practical application of the theory. Attitude, embodies both theory and practice and serves as the pivotal point at which individuals, organizations, and communities are encouraged to make "a right turn;" to move beyond the rhetoric or theory of community building to actually demonstrate specific core values of integrity, accountability and openness, trust, honor, and respect in the practices in the workplace environment, as well as in personal lives of individuals. The Seven-Step Process is useful in transforming communities and organizations into entities that are inclusive in their outlook and application.

ICB Productions, Inc. provides a variety of educational and training programs to meet the needs of businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and religious organizations. Our programs employ the inclusive community building approach to enhance relations between public and private sectors of the community to build sustainable family relations, and financial support through grants and special projects, ensuring economic stability with a focus on relationship management and conflict resolution.Officials in the United States as well as the Bahamas, Haiti, Panama, the Turks & Caicos Islands and parts of Africa have adopted the ICB approach to interpersonal and organizational development creating a global network of ICB assisted organizations