Consultation/Program Development

Your Ideas Realized

We offer consultative service for individuals and or organizations that desire to have programs and projects that are aimed at a creating a more positive human interaction with clients, community members and constituents. 

ICB Productions is a thought leader in developing human capital. We are able to integrate informed models, through coaching, assessment and tools of actions to assist with better client outcomes.

Examples of Past Consultancy Services and Project Development:

• Bahamian Government Consultancy on 21st century Leadership Development. (Project creation- leadership training seminar)

• Turks and Caicos Government Consultancy on mending ties between government and constituents.(Project creation – PACE to CEAP governmental training program the citizens of the Turks and Caicos)

• St. Stephen's Cathedral COGIC Consultancy on The ICB Approach™ to Youth Character Development. (Project creation – “The Five Foci™” children series booklets and GOMA on Tour Summer Camp San Diego

• Adrian Carter, PhDc. Consultancy on The Ellison Model™ as a System of Delivery. (Project creation – Book creation “Emerging- Leadership in the 21st Century Using The Ellison Model”
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e.    P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269
ICB Productions  p.1-888-282-6047  f. 1888-382-1659
P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269