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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
* Understanding Culturally Different People
* Enhancing Educational Attainment through Character Building
* Team Building the ICB Way
* Conflict Recognition and Resolution as a Unitary Process
* Leadership Development
* Community Building through Economic Development
ICB Productions has many varied training programs designed for individuals, as well as religious, educational, governmental and business organizations. Topics range from marriage and family relationships to management and productivity training. Programs can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Professional, competent facilitators are readily available to work with any size group.
The areas of focus that provide the central themes of training are:

Inclusion: the practice of incorporating the views and ideals of valued stakeholders in the construction of an expanded communal knowledge base.

Mentorship: a disposition of commitment of the empowered to share in the guidance and support of the minority.

Multicultural Appreciation: an intentional acknowledgment and appreciation of multiple perspectives including those inside and outside of the mainstream         

Conflict Resolution: an understanding of conflict as a unitary process when the individual becomes unified internally and moves toward unified relationships with others.

Relationship Building: the cumulative result of the integration of inclusion, effective mentorship, multicultural appreciation, and conflict resolution. Consultants are available to meet with prospective clients to perform needs- based analysis to facilitate the development of custom designed training programs appropriate for the target audience in both scope and method of delivery. Specific training can be categorized in one of following areas: