The ICB Approach™

Our Company System

The ICB Approach™ is a comprehensive system created as an alternative means for delivering programs and services in a fair and equitable manner. The ICB Approach™ is a complete development solution for maximizing efficiency and productivity of staff, workforce, project team members, colleagues etc.

The Approach provides all the necessary tools needed for your human capital to effectively perform their respective daily tasks.

The ICB Approach™ was developed by Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, founder and former President and CEO of ICB Productions. The Approach is comprised of The Ellison Model (TEM™) and our seven step process GOMABCD™; individual components linked to help individuals and organizations become more productive in their personal and professional pursuits.

The Ellison Model (TEM™) is a tool or lens that allows individuals to view themselves and make honest assessments as to their productivity. With a primary goal on soft skills mastery, TEM™, is uniquely qualified to accentuate teamwork, that creates a more productive organization. 
Organizational team members must demonstrate core values (i.e. integrity, accountability and consistency) in order for the continued success of their company to be realized.

Along with TEM™, ICB Productions utilizes a seven step process GOMABCD™ to reinforce the expectations of corporate growth. GOMABCD™ is a tool of action, predicated on demonstration.  GOMA, an acronym where G stands for goal, O for objective, M for method, and A for attitude, is united with ABCD, attitude, behavior; communication and discipline representing the theory and the application of individual and organizational positive progression. Attitude, embodies both theory and practice and serves as the pivotal point at which individuals and or organizations are encouraged to make “a right turn;” to move beyond the “talk” of theory and to move to the process of actually demonstrating specific core values of integrity, accountability and openness, trust, honor, and respect in the workplace environment. This process is useful in transforming individuals and organizations into entities that are more comprehensive in their outlook and application.
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ICB Productions  p.1-888-282-6047  f. 1888-382-1659
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