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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
ICB Productions, Inc. provides a variety of educational and training programs to meet the needs of businesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, and religious organizations. Our programs employ the inclusive community building approach to enhance relations between public and private sectors of the community to build sustainable family relations, and financial support through grants and special projects, ensuring economic stability with a focus on relationship management and conflict resolution.
On the management side, The Inclusive Community Building (ICB) approach to education lends itself to a mentoring model where managers and executives with appropriate skills might help nurture trainees. The management plan used in this forum is flexible, providing a level of personal structure that can accommodate any organization. A great deal of inter-personal and inter-institutional communication is required to reach the goal of our programs. Some of our program areas:

* Revising managerial skills
* Viewing management as coaching
* Dealing with emerging management challenges
* Establishing the relationship between quality life and value