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From Diversity, to Unity, to Community
7 Steps Process
Dr. Deryl G. Hunt, in 1994 developed The Ellison Model as an intentional response to increasing diversity in society and in the world. The Ellison Model paradigm is a conceptual framework that focuses on relationships with a holistic alternative method of delivering programs and services from a context of inclusive community building that demonstrates inclusion, cultural sensitivity and appreciation.

The Ellison Model promotes community and economic development and embraces loving, caring, sharing, respect, honor, and trust as its basic tenets suggesting that when people work harmoniously to create a positive environment all stakeholders benefit. As such, TEM upholds a standard of commitment to quality management and cultural diversity.

The model was named after Dr. Helen Ellison, the Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs at Florida International University for her demonstrated skillful approach to establishing a harmonious environment of diverse individuals in the work place. The uniqueness of The Ellison Model is the inclusive community building approach; a lens through which individuals can view themselves and the world around them.

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