Training Services

Increase Productivity!

We offer a series of soft skills, webinars, individual, group and organizational specific developed programs. We specialize in the training & development of organizations as a whole, along with individually training owners, directors, administrators, managers, executives, and supervisors and workforce groups. We aim to deliver sustainable human capital, thus helping to strengthen any organization’s bottom line goals. 

Our soft skills training solutions help to grow your organization through the continual development of your human capital. Recent studies have shown that employees exposed to soft skill training are at a minimum 12% more productive. ICB offers training solutions for your entire organization. Traditionally, employee development was only offered to higher levels of organizations, ostracizing the largest component of most organizations. ICB offers general company training solutions or custom specific solutions for different corporate identities (i.e. ownership, administrators, managers, workforce, etc). 

Our soft skill training represents a move in a positive direction of sustainable growth for your entire business, regardless of the employee position. Our training solutions create a shared vision system that empowers organizations from the top to the bottom. Employees once trained view themselves as stakeholders in the organization thus helping them become more productive in their daily assignments.

Session Topics Offered:

• Effective Communication
• Organizational and Interpersonal Development
• Resolving Professional Conflicts
• Understanding Diversity
• Advancing Customer Service
• Networking (internal)

Other Sessions Offered: (through our affiliates)

•          Get Beyond The Hustle™ – (Business growth and advancement)                          
•          Perfecting Your Golf Swing in Life
•          Developing a Leadership Mindset
•          Business Startup #101
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e.    P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269
ICB Productions  p.1-888-282-6047  f. 1888-382-1659
P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269