Developing Your Human Capital

Excelerate Your Workflow

ICB productions is a consulting, training, and management firm that helps individuals, businesses and organizations become more efficient and productive in their personal and professional endeavourers.

We aim to help your organization function more efficiently through soft skills training, by providing administrative services that allow clients to manage their organization more productively and offering consultative services for you program or project ideas. We help grow your business.

The ICB Approach™

Our company system designed for success!

The ICB Approach™, our comprehensive system created by visionaire Dr. Deryl G. Hunt (founder and former President and CEO of ICB Productions) is comprised of our company philosophy and model, The Ellison Model (TEM™) and our seven step process GOMABCD™. This approach helps individuals and organizations become more productive in their professional pursuits.

Individual & Organizational Certification

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Administrative Services

Company Management/ Outsourced services

ICB productions can assist your business growth through its offerings of boutique administrative services for your small to mid-size business or organization.
ICB Productions  p.1-888-282-6047  f. 1888-382-1659
e. staff@icbproductions.net    P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269
ICB Productions  p.1-888-282-6047  f. 1888-382-1659
e. staff@icbproductions.net  
P.O. Box 69-3573, Miami, Fl. 33269